3 Reasons Why Spring Is Best for Selling Your Home

It’s spring and that means the real estate market is in full force throughout the valley. If you have been thinking of selling your home this year, now is the perfect time!

Here are 3 reasons why spring is the perfect time to sell your home:

1. More Convenient for Buyers

Spring is a much better time of year for most buyers to start focusing on moving. Because most buyers want to get settled into a new home before a school year begins, buying in the spring and having the summer to get adjusted appeals to many families. Right now we have the perfect weather, but don’t be fooled, the hot summer will come and no one wants to be moving during 100F. Right now more buyers are out there looking at homes in the spring. And more buyers mean more foot traffic to your home and more opportunities for you to sell your home in a timely manner.

2. Better Curb Appeal

Although we have beautiful weather all year round, it’s not easy to keep up with all the flowers and trees. Lush green grass and beautiful azalea busher.. every buyer falls in love with that! Sellers can take advantage of this “free” bonus of better curb appeal in the spring. You can highlight your home’s best features and draw in buyers who can imagine themselves living there. Buyers can imagine themselves sitting out under the patio with a light breeze going and they are much more easily drawn to buy.

3. Higher Prices

The spring is blooming not only with flowers, but also with buyers. More buyers means a higher change for multiple offers and, ultimately, a higher sales price for you.

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