5 Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

When you are putting away your shorts and pulling out your sweaters instead, you know it’s time to get a few chores done to prepare your house for the colder season of the year.

Here are 5 things you should be doing now:

  1. Clean the Gutters

Gutters are essential in preventing water damage and other costly repairs, so be sure to clean them out in order for water to properly drain. Remove leaves, twigs and gunk. Tighten gutter hangers and downspouts brackets and replace any damaged or worn gutters and downspouts.

  1. Check the Roof

Inspect the roof for curled, buckled or cracked shingles and other deformities before winter. Make sure to also check the flashing around skylights, pipes and chimneys. If you have a lot of damage, it is time to replace the entire roof. If you don’t want to examine the roof yourself, hire a licensed professional to do it.

  1. Examine the Fireplace

Look up inside your fireplace flue and check if the damper opens and closes properly. Sweep the chimney and keep it clean for winter use, so there’s no blockage. If you see any cracked or missing bricks and mortar in the firebox, order a professional inspection.

  1. Seal Air Leaks

This is one of the least expensive yet most important must-do fall maintenance tip. Check any weather stripping and caulking to assure that windows and doors are sealed and no moisture can get inside your walls.

  1. Prep the Outdoors

Turn off the valves to any exterior hose bibs to prevent exterior water pipes from bursting when the weather gets below freezing. Run the water until pipes are empty and all water is drained from the pipes. Prune plants and trees and rake up the thick layers of leaves that settle on lawn surfaces. You can put the raked leaves in a compost pile or use it as a mulch as they are an excellent source of organic matter.

By: Patricia Madigan

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