6  Tips to Make Your Sweet Home Also a Save One

6  Tips to Make Your Sweet Home Also a Save One

You moved into a new home – congratulations! Once you unpack and have settled in, you should run through a home safety checklist to make sure you and your family are as secure as possible in your sweet home. Run through at least the following steps:

1. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Install at least one smoke alarm and Carbon monoxide alarms on each level and in each sleeping area. Make sure the smoke alarms are less than 10 years and the carbon monoxide detectors less than 7 years old and test and clean the alarms monthly. Change batteries as needed or at least annually.

2. Electrical Cords & Appliances

Electrical cords should not be frayed or cracked and you should avoid having electrical cords under rugs or run across doorways. Instead of using extension cords you might want to consider adding more electrical outlets and large and small appliances should be plugged directly into wall outlets. Keep the clothes dryer lint filter and venting system clean.

3. Home Heating

Hire a chimney sweep and have the chimney and furnace inspected and cleaned annually by a professional. Furniture and other easy to catch fire items should be at least 3 feet from wall heaters, fireplaces and baseboards. If you have a fireplace put the ashes outdoors in a covered metal container at least 3 feet from anything that could easily catch fire. Water heaters should be inspected annually and the temperature should be set not higher than 120 degrees. When using space heaters make sure to never use extension cords.

4. Candles

This should be common sense, but: candles should be in sturdy fire-proof containers and extinguished before leaving the room or going to bed. Never leave your kid or pet unattended with candles.

5. Fire Extinguishers

It’s a simple thing to do, yet most homeowners don’t have a fire extinguisher. Keep one on every level and in the kitchen and learn how to use them, so you are prepared and comfortable using them if necessary. Replace as needed.

6. Home Escape Plan

The most important tip is to have an escape plan. If possible, figure out two ways out of each room. This could mean one exit is through the window if necessary. If you live in a two-story home, you might consider buying a rescue ladder. When escaping make sure you crawl low to the floor to avoid toxic smoke and once you’re out, stay out! Have a chosen meeting place in front of your house. Make sure every member of your household knows the home escape plan in advance and practice it together at least once.

by: Patricia Madigan

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