6 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

More than 1.5 million burglaries were reported in the united states in 2015. Most home safety tips are common sense and there is not one singular action that will prevent you from robbery. Instead you have to follow multiple rules that will provide you with a greater home security. Here are seven tips to improve your home’s security:

1. Make Security a Habit

Talk to your family members and create a routine with simple rules such as to always look doors and windows, close and lock the garage door and use your alarm system if you have one. Make sure to take those steps even if you’re just doing a quick trip to a store or running errands.

2. Use Timers

If you want to pretend that your house is occupied using timers to turn on lights, radio or TVs can be helpful. These days there are even fake TVs available that simulate the flickering lights of a TV in order to fool intruders into thinking you are home.

3. Light Up

Buy and install motion-sensing outdoor lighting near each point of entry to make your home well lit or set your exterior lights on a timer. Replace burned-out light bulbs if necessary. If you are using light/timers inside of your home, put them in a spot where burglars can’t see them.

4. Assess Windows and Doors

Sliding windows and doors are an easy entry point for intruders and need extra protections. An easy hack to make them more secure is to put a wooden dowel or metal bar in the track. Another option would be to install a window sensor alarm which notifies you via text or email when a window has been opened in your home.

Even though electric garage doors are not a common point of entry, you still want to make sure the inner door is locked as well.

5. Add Warning Signs

If you are paying for a security system, post home security signs and window stickers near all entry points and in your yard. Installing fake security cameras near your front and back door could be another option as well as putting up a “beware of dogs” sign on your fence or any other visible spots.

6. Use Discretion on Social Media

We all like to share exciting news on social media, but you might want to reconsider leaving status updates broadcasting to everyone you are on vacation for two weeks. You can always post beautiful pictures of all your fun trips when you come back home.

7. Other Tricks

Piled up flyers or newspapers on your doorstep show very clearly that no one is at home. You might want to cancel newspaper subscriptions or ask the post office to hold your mail while you’re out of town. Make sure your landscaping is neat and trimmer and don’t leave a ladder just hanging out in your backyard to prevent easy access to a balcony or second-floor window.


By: Patricia Madigan


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