7 Things You Should Get Rid Of Before You Move

You are about to move to a new home? Then this is the perfect opportunity to take stock of what you own and declutter. There’s no better excuse to do this than an upcoming move. Not only is packing and carrying boxes a lot easier when you are not hauling extra “stuff”, but you also want your new place to look fantastic. Best thing to do is start purging at least one month before you actually move, so you have enough time to sell items or to drop them off somewhere. In order to not get overwhelmed and get a panic attack, take it one room or closet at a time. Despite an item’s fate, separate them into “keep”, “junk”, “donate” and “sell” and never handle an item twice.

Here are 7 things you should work on:

1. Paperwork

We all have those drawers, bags or boxes full of paper, flyers, bills or receipts that we never ever touch again. Go through them and throw away what you don’t need (mostly everything). Somehow most of us still think we have to keep our tax documents for seven years. But that’s not necessarily true. This link

will tell you how long you should keep certain receipts.

2. Memorabilia

This is a tricky one. We often give things a sentimental value and that is absolutely normal. Keep your wedding photos, college diploma and the first drawing of your kids. But do you really need that China that you never use or your girls’ dolls that haven’t been touched since they have been put away into the garage 15 years ago? In this day and age it’s easy to digitize, so scan whatever you can and file it away.

3. Clothes

Yes, you already know what I mean by that. Those “what if” clothes. No one says you have to become a minimalist and have to fit all your clothes into one carry-on, but it’s time to get rid of the jeans that “used to fit” or the dress that “one day might fit”. Look around your closet: do you see clothes you haven’t worn in a year? If so, put them away. You can either donate them and make someone else happy or try to sell them and make your bank account happy.

4. Old/Damaged Furniture

A move is a great time to start fresh. So sell your undesirable pieces on Craigslist or give them to someone who would appreciate it more than you do. Not only makes this the actual move easier but your new place deserves some chic furniture anyway.

5. Kitchenware

Be honest: did you ever use that bread machine? If you are on a gluten-free diet or have become a fruitarian it’s time to gift it to someone who might actually use it.

6. Unpacked or Forgotten Things

You have boxes that have never been opened since your last move? Then it’s probably for a reason and chances are high you won’t need whatever is in there. If you find something while you are packing and don’t even remember that you had it in the first place, it’s time to toss it.

7. Things that would make someone else happier

This goes basically for everything. For books you will never read again, clothes you will never wear or the blender you never used. Why keep something that doesn’t give you joy and takes away unnecessary space? Rather give those things to someone who appreciates it.

By: Patricia Madigan

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