7 Ways to Incorporate Travel Into Your Home Décor

Nothing stinks more than coming home from a trip – especially in a place you might never be able to get to again – and regretting that hand-carved wooden bowl or hand-blown glass light you left behind. The truth is that you probably won’t miss the extra money you would have spent for the item you couldn’t take your eyes off of, but you’ll probably think about that great piece and wish you wouldn’t have let the price or the size or the fact that you didn’t have enough space in your suitcase scare you off. Go ahead, buy it! And buy the extra carry-on bag to transport it, for that matter.

Here are some tips for getting travel décor right.

1. Avoid traditional souvenirs

Yes, we all love some tourist-trap souvenir shops. But sophisticated décor requires sophisticated stuff. And that means bypassing the magnets and snow globes – at least in the public spaces of your home.

2. Photography

Put your photography skills to the test and create memorable wall décor that will bring a smile to your face for a lifetime. These days, you don’t even need a professional camera to create brilliant photos with a high enough resolution to be enlarged to the size you want.

3. Use maps

Using maps to identify places you’ve traveled (or places you want to!) is an easy way to create inspired décor. Buy a fun map wallpaper or create an elegant wall display using antique maps of places you have traveled.

4. Go eclectic

You want your décor to look put together but not haphazard, and collected over time for an eclectic feel. The trick is to add in a few pieces instead of jamming up a space with all things Africa or Asia. Mix them in sparingly among your current décor. Don’t be afraid to mismatch the styles and have some creative fun – but at the same time, don’t go too crazy with the new pieces.

5. Look for textiles

Buying fabrics is a good option. They are an original way to personalize a cushion or create a made-to-measure tablecloth that your dinner guests will admire.

6. Color Scheme

One of the tricks to incorporating items you find while traveling into your existing décor is to remember your already-established color scheme. You don’t want to bring something home that will clash with everything you already have. But…don’t be afraid to go all in on color. Consider incorporating the popular colors from your favorite destination into your décor. Tropical locations usually use bolder patterns or pastels as their main decorating colors. You can take a more natural approach and focus on the colors of the ocean or the sky into your décor. You can even incorporate the colors of your preferred place into the paint, fabric and accent color selections you make for your home.

7. Go representative

Figure out what the country or city you’re in is known for and then focus on that. For instance, among many other things, Morocco is known for its Berber rugs. The hand-crafting of these items is one of the reasons they are so special and so revered. In many areas, you can also build an interesting side trip into your shopping adventure. Seeing the rugs be made by hand will further add to the experience of having one in your home, and will far outweigh the hassle of checking a rug at the airport! .



Source: Realty Times

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