Arizona Buyers are Buying…Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

cactusThis article was written in two fold, both for Arizona Realtors and for the buyer. 

Many buyers out there want and need our help, buyers of all price points. 

REALTORS:  From a buyers perspective, I know if an agent picks up the phone and we are willing to give a few minutes of our time, it is greatly appreciated.  In a very competitive market right now, it is simple…communicate.  Not rocket science…answer your phone, spend a few minutes with a potential buyer and next thing you know, you have a buyer that values your time and wants to partner together to find a home.

 The Internet can only get buyers so far…it does not allow them access to our homes for sale.  I think buyers realize after calling agent after agent after agent from the sign or Internet, they will see that it is easier to just work with one agent to answer all their questions.

I only have seven listings (availble) and get at least 5-7 buyer leads per week.  So if agents out there are not busy, I am not really sure why.  All my buyers may not be purchasing half a million dollar homes, but they are live buyers with a pulse, waiting to take advantage of low home prices!!

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