5 Steps to a Healthy Safe and Pregnancy by Dr. Anjali Arora & Dr. Vrinda Arora

By Dr. Anjali Arora & Dr. Vrinda Arora

Pregnancy is a time packed with friendly anticipation. during the last few a long time prenatal exams and counseling became very important elements in tracking the future health of the newborn in addition to the mummy. this is often to avoid complications.

This booklet offers a close description of the exams required in the course of every one trimester and the ailments that may impact the mummy and the infant. It enumerates uncomplicated measures to accommodate nausea and different irritants confronted via pregnant girls. nutrition suggestion and the do's and don'ts to aid consume correct are a few of the salient gains of this book.

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Dr. Anjali Arora did her MD from woman Hardinge clinical university and S.K. health center, New Delhi. attracted to lipids and preventive cardiology, she joined the Escorts center Institute and study Centre, New Delhi, as a specialist in 1993. She controlled the Hyperlipidaemia Prevention hospital there for almost seven years. at the moment she is operating at Sir Ganga Ram sanatorium as a Senior advisor in...

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Add a couple of minutes every week and slowly pick up the pace. First 5 minutes are kept to warm up and use the last 5 minutes to cool down. Whatever type of exercise is decided upon must suit the mother and the foetus. Energy level at this stage may also vary greatly from day-to-day. As the foetus grows, there is decreased ability to breathe in more air. The signs of lack of oxygenation can be: Fatigue Dizziness Shortness of breath Heart palpitations (your heart pounding in your chest) Exercises to Avoid After the first trimester of pregnancy, exercises requiring the mother to lie flat on the abdomen should be avoided.

Rubella During pregnancy avoid getting exposed to diseases like, rubella, measles, etc If a woman gets measles during the first trimester (first three months of pregnancy) the pregnancy would have to be terminated, as the foetus gets affected. Genital Herpes It is a cause of great concern. It can present itself with fever, headache, malaise, genital pain, itching on urination and vaginal discharge. The foetus can be affected by this disease. The doctor should be informed if a woman has it. The disease can be transmitted during delivery if the lesions of herpes have blistered and are crusting.

Embryos are transferred into the uterine cavity through the vagina with the help of special fine catheters. ET is a painless procedure and no anaesthesia is required. Normally 3-4 embryos are transferred if ET is done on the second or third day. However, if ET is done on the fourth or fifth day at an advanced stage of embryo development, only 1 to 2 embryos are sufficient to cause a successful pregnancy. (Every country has their own rules for embryo transfer). Complications of IVF The drugs used for stimulating egg development in ovaries can sometimes excessively stimulate ovaries leading to a symptom complex known as Ovarian HyperStimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

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