50 Simple Steps to Kick Our Oil Habit by The Green Patriot Working Group

By The Green Patriot Working Group

With "50 uncomplicated Steps to Kick America's Oil Habit", the target of the golf green Patriot operating team is to start up the subsequent oil boycott—when the US tells the area that it does not desire oil anymore from unfriendly, opposed or risky governments simply because its voters were empowered to do their proportion to kick our severe dependancy to petroleum. Following within the footsteps of the very profitable "50 uncomplicated Steps to avoid wasting the Earth from international Warming", the fairway Patriot operating Group's most up-to-date customer instruction manual offers effortless and sensible steps anyone can take to minimize their own dependency on petrochemicals. From the cosmetics and family cleansing items we buy to the meals we devour, our number of transportation, how we warmth our houses or even the garments we put on, american citizens could make offerings that would make an important distinction for our destiny nationwide safety. "50 basic Steps" additionally appears on the many aspect merits of forsaking petroleum items including...

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Foods sold in local markets without the need for extensive storage and transportation will likely contain minimal or no waxes and/or fungicides applied to protect the product after harvest. Farmers’ markets cut down on unnecessary food travel and packaging and provide a great way to socialize and enjoy local in-season food. Indeed, the fastest growth segment of the food industry is the local farmers’ market. We underground people are coming topside in droves to buy locally grown foods and reconnect with our communities and the earth.

For instance, during the spring of 2006, 40,000 more travelers used Stockholm Transport on an ordinary weekday than the year before an increase of 6 percent. The reduction in traffic reported in the Stockholm Trial led to a drop in emissions from road traffic by 8 to 14 percent in the inner-city. Additionally, greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide have dropped by 40 percent in the inner-city and by 2 to 3 percent in Stockholm County. Microtechnology makes it possible to put sensors almost anywhere.

It is too dangerous. Acknowledging the truth is the first step to recovery. What are the consequences of oil addiction? ” In 1970, America imported 24 percent of its oil, while today we import at least 70 percent of the oil we use, spending about two billion dollars daily on foreign oil from regimes that loathe us. As we spend the projected trillions of dollars per decade buying oil, we are taking part in the biggest exchange of wealth in the history of humankind by funneling some hundreds of billions of dollars annually into the economies of other nations and hostile groups that stand ready to destroy the basic principles of liberty and justice that we hold so dear.

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