A History of the Council of Trent, Volume I: The Struggle by Hubert Jedin

By Hubert Jedin

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1 929) , pp. ), Nos. 43 3 2-6; Panzer, Annales typographici (Nuremberg 1 793 - I 8o3), VOL. x, p. 1 73 (up to I 527 there were eleven editions). (I , 786) 37 THE COUN C I L OF TRENT exclusively based o n the pre-en1inence-praelatio-bestowed o n him, it is also founded on his virtues. " What a difference between him ", he observes, " and the n1anners and the ostentation of his successors ! " So even this divine, who did so much to promote the doctrine of the primacy in Germany, may not be unreservedly reckoned among the men who led the papal theory to victory in the German universities of the pre-Reformation era.

1030 ff. On the t-vvo versions of the text, see G. Hofmann, Papato, conciliarismo, patriarcato (Rome 1 940), pp. 59 ff. T H E CO U NC I L OF TRENT definition was the answer t o Basle's attempt t o erect the conciliar theory into a dogma. It became the Magna Carta of the papal restoration. It took some time before the scales came definitely down against Basle. Powerful forces confronted each other-on the one hand the Church's consciousness of her unity which was deeply injured by the new schism, as well as the various nations' strong attachment to the successor of St Peter, and, on the other, the idea of the Council thanks to which Constance effected the removal of the schism, and the longing for a reform which it was generally thought a Council alone would carry through.

25 * ff. , 6 1 * ff. , but in the light of R. , XIII ( 1 943 ), pp. 1 08-37, the author of the treatise De potentia papae et concilii generalis is not Torquemada, under whose name it was indeed published at a later date, but Raphael de Pornaxio; see also Eckermann, Studien, pp . 1 28, I 5 0 and passim. 3 Eckermann, Studien, pp. I I I ff. , 1 34 ff. As Haller has pointed out, Eckermann has failed to collate the two editions of the Monarchia (Piero da Monte, p. 3 1). 26 V I CTORY OF THE PAPACY OVER THE REFORM COUN C I LS of problems had not been adequately worked 011t.

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