A Psychoanalytic Theory of Infantile Experience: Conceptual by Eugenio Gaddini

By Eugenio Gaddini

Eugenio Gaddini, a pioneer in the Italian psychoanalytical move, committed a life of examine to the association of childish psychological lifestyles. during this edited selection of his papers Dr Adam Limentani introduces Gaddini's key theories displaying how they're heavily associated with, yet diversified from, the deliberating Phyllis Greenacre, Donald Winnicott and Melanie Klein. those rules are of significant medical relevance for the therapy of grownup sufferers, quite within the realizing of psychosomatic problems. The richness of the scientific proof with which Gaddini helps his speculation, and the originality of his conceptions make this a worthwhile and stimulating ebook for the practising analyst and psychotherapist.

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What I shall now relate is the dream of an adult person, a young married woman with character disturbances. One can recognize in it a markedly primitive imitation. This patient dreamed of `seeing' on the back part of her head (in a zone of the body, therefore, not visible in reality) a large roundish area, completely bald and more or less covered by the long hair of the front of the head, combed backwards for this purpose. ) Among the dream associations it came out in an almost casual way and as though without importance (`I'll tell you because it has come into my mind, but I don't know whether it's important') that a couple of evenings earlier she had visited her parents, whom she had not seen for some time, and had noted that her fatherÐwho was bald at the back of his head as she had been in the dream, but wore his hair short at the frontÐhadlet it grow, and had combed it back to cover 24 ON IMITATION the baldness.

The endo-perceptions of the upper digestive tract seem, that is, to precede in a functional sense the labial tactile perceptions and those of the perioral zone. This is in agreement with the idea expressed by Freud that at birth the libidinal cathexes are all internally directed, and that this situation gradually changes (Freud 1937). Finally, the possibility of tracing the mechanism of fusion back to its origin, and the notion that its primary aim is the establishment, through internal means, of a different regulation of homeostasis, seem, on the one hand, to furnish the physiological ground for the basic model of the psychic apparatus, founded, according to Freud, on the necessity of avoiding unpleasure while, on the other hand, they seem to account to some extent for the successive organization of different thresholds, by which the internal discharge of energy come to be controlledÐa process closely related to affect formation (Rapaport 1953).

Federn (1952) would have preferred to reject in toto the concept of introjection because it confused, in his opinion, that of identification, in the sense that it led one to believe that a mental or bodily representation could be internalized by the ego, for the sole reason that it was `thrown (ªjectedº ) within' it (introjected). He would have substituted the term `internalization' for t hat of `introjection'. Weiss (1960) distinguishes imitation from identification, and points out that he is not referring to `simple imitation' but to a phenomenon of `reproduction' or `autoplastic duplication'.

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