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Many aviators are able to fly well without any difficulty in the daytime, but not at night. Laboratory tests determine definitely which individuals possess the ability to see well at night. " Stunting " is essentially an internal-ear problem. During and from his after rapid turnings the flier's brain is receiving impulses Nothing can control or alter the sending or receiving of these impulses. These impulses produce sensations of semicircular canals. Fliers vary greatly in their ability to interpret correctly the significance of these impulses.

It is all very well to have medical specialists classifying fliers and determining their peculiar fitness for special branches of aerial activity. This, however, by no means marks the limit of usefulness of the Air Medical Service. The one immediate need of the military aviator in all the services of the world is an organization for his upkeep and care in actual service. After two and one-half years of bitter experience it was gradually borne in upon the allies that at the end of a certain amount of continuous service the flier begins to show unmistakable signs of deterioration, and the economical thing to do is to relieve him temporarily from active flying.

The observer in a two-seater machine gave the pilot his orders, just as an infantry officer gave orders to his subordinate. " The efficiency of the German Air Service was greatly increased in the year 1917 by their allowing a certain freedom of action to their pilots in order to cope vvith the more speedy allied air-men who had proven individually far superior in action, spirit and initiative. Infantry and cavalry which strike in large numbers must be handled as a single force they must have coordination and absolute oneness of action or half their effectiveness is lost.

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