Alternative Fuels: The Future of Hydrogen by Michael Frank Hordeski

By Michael Frank Hordeski

Spiraling oil costs, hovering global call for, long term oil provide concerns, and lengthening matters over the weather impression of carbon emissions all are elements contributing to swiftly growing to be aid and critical efforts towards the improvement of a hydrogen-based economic climate. This ebook will handle a number of the elements affecting present and rising strength use offerings, together with the provision and desirability of assorted fuels - and particularly, hydrogen. subject matters contain strength coverage, gas offer tendencies, data and projections, oil reserves, substitute eventualities, strength usage, sustainable power, fee research, gas escalation, power and improvement, regulatory concerns, obstacles to implementation, conversion structures, garage structures, thermodynamic potency, gas chain potency, life-cycle potency, expertise concerns, extracting, refining, air emission matters, protection, normal fuel, hydrogen gasoline, methanol, ethanol, steam reforming, and gasoline cells.

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The ideal fuel would be pure hydrogen. Other factors that need to be considered in assessing the merits of different fuels are the moisture content and the ease of extraction, transportation and utilization. Coal and petroleum seem to have organic origins. We are more certain of coal’s plant-derived origin, although the exact mechanics of the process are not always agreed upon. Most believe in an organic origin for petroleum. Most fuels come directly or indirectly from carbohydrates, vegetable matter which is the result of photosynthesis occurring in green plants.

Hydrogen Storage Hydrogen can be stored as a gas, liquid, or as a part of a solid metal, polymer or liquid hydrid. Studies have indicated that large-scale storage could take place with gaseous hydrogen underground in aquifers, depleted petroleum or natural gas reservoirs or man made caverns from mining operations. One of the obstacles in using hydrogen as an automotive fuel is storing it safely and efficiently on board vehicles. Although it is possible to store hydrogen as a high pressure gas in steel containers, disadvantages exist because of the weight of the storage containers and the safety hazard in the event of an accident.

In an enclosed space, the vented hydrogen also presents a risk because of hydrogen’s wide flammability limits. Hydrogen explosions are rare, but any combustible gas in an enclosed space can be a safety problem. One solution is to burn off the escaping hydrogen and use this energy for heating or cooling. It can also be used to power a fuel cell. Stationary liquid hydrogen storage tanks that are used in laboratories are able to keep the hydrogen in a liquid state for several months. It should be possible to build vehicular storage tanks that would maintain hydrogen in a liquid state for several weeks.

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