An Account of the Operations of the 18th (Indian) Division by Lieut. Col W. E. Wilson-Johnston

By Lieut. Col W. E. Wilson-Johnston

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Arkenol has achieved a conversion efficiency rate of 70 % for cellulose, and may be optimized to 80 %. Sulfuric acid is able to be recovered and re-applied to treatment at 97 %. The facility is also able to channel the heat from lignin combustion to provide power during the distillation stage. Established in 2004, Iogen was designed to handle 40 t of wheat straw per day and to manufacture enzymes in an adjacent building. The company has produced cellulosic ethanol for international demonstrations and for the national flexible fuel market, per request of the Canadian government.

2010). The share of feedstock costs in the total production costs in Brazil was reported to be much lower than US corn ethanol (about 40 % in 2005 by van den Wall Bake et al. 2009 and approximately 30 % for 2006–2008 by Crago et al. 2010). 1. The other factor behind lower ethanol costs was the fuel savings from electricity co-generation in sugar mills. As can be seen from the table, the cost advantages of ethanol production in Brazil and the United States depend, among other things, on the exchange rate at the time the comparison is made.

2. Pyrolysis: in the absence of oxygen, the organic biomass decomposes. Hemicellulose decomposes first (when 225–325 °C is reached), followed by cellulose (at 300–400 °C), and then other biomass components at higher temperatures. Lignin is the most difficult component to decompose (at up to 500 °C). The main products of pyrolysis are volatile gases (H2, CO, CO2, CH4, and other light hydrocarbons) and char (porous carbonaceous residue). J. Cheng et al. Air Absorption Chiller (chilled water) Biomass SYNTHESIS GASES ° Controlled flow of air is allowed – if oxygen is present, then partial oxidation occurs without (50% CH4, H2, CO, CO2) Char and Ash District Heating (steam) Electricity Fig.

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