And Blue Skies From Pain (Book 2 of The Fey and the Fallen) by Stina Leicht

By Stina Leicht

Northern eire, 1977. Liam Kelly is many stuff: a former wheelman for the IRA, a one-time political prisoner, the half-breed son of a mystic Fey warrior and a mortal lady, and a afflicted younger guy actually haunted by way of the ghosts of his prior. Liam has grew to become his again on his land's bloody sectarian issues, however the battle isn't performed with him but, and nor is an older, extra mythic battle-between the Church and its demonic enemies, the Fallen. After centuries of bewilderment and clash, the Church is at the verge of accepting that the Fey and the Fallen should not an analogous. yet to accomplish this old truce, Liam needs to end up to the Church's Inquisitors that he's now not a demon, whilst he wrestles together with his personal guilt and confusion, whereas being hunted by way of enemies either earthly and unworldly. A shape-shifter via nature, Liam has a foot in worlds-and it's using him mad.

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