''. . . And Gulliver Returns'' ---In Search of Utopia--- by Lemuel Gulliver XVI and Jacqueline Slow

By Lemuel Gulliver XVI and Jacqueline Slow

Commander Lemuel Gulliver XVI returns to Earth after a 25 12 months odyssey round the sun method looking planetary houses for the world’s extra inhabitants. He stumbled on none. On touching down in California he discusses with a television information anchor the issues because of overpopulation and a few solutions.
His 3 most sensible buddies arrive they usually start to plan their journey vacationing a few international locations that experience made significant development in inhabitants control—and a few that experience missed the matter.
The many difficulties of the area, akin to warming, water scarcities, the getting older populations, poverty, unlawful immigration, spiritual trust and disbelief, morality and values, and spiritual terrorism are interrelated. The exploration of those concerns, for you to be extra totally mentioned within the succeeding books, are began right here.

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Bush in the United States and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, not to mention Osama bin Ladin, have championed earlier visions of their religions as the salvation of the world. “Several elected African presidents have moved backward toward absolute monarchy. Drug lords, and some major companies, have cast ethics aside in an amoral laissez faire approach to making fortunes. All these are movements are back to earlier religious beliefs or back to primitive human selfishness. Many of us feel that seeking pleasure now is the big problem with society.

BUILDING A BETTER WORLD “But back to our major problem. Martin Luther King said it best when he warned that „Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases we do not understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with resources we possess. ‟ He was a practical dreamer—an idealist with his feet on the ground. Too bad he‟s not still around, he could certainly do a better job of making people listen than I can. Because he was a man of color he could neutralize the cries of racial genocide that I will undoubtedly encounter.

They dig trenches and moats that bring them farther from the top. And their psychotic need to control others and to be right takes them farther from the humility that is needed for sainthood, for union with the Brahman— for Paradise. Just look at the inhumane deeds that have been done in the name of religion—the Crusades, fanatical terrorism, the Inquisition, suicide bombings. The mercy espoused by most great religious teachers is replaced by the most vile human motivation for power and vengeance—a vengeance for either real or imagined wrongs.

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