Hidden Gems Around Arizona

Arizona offers its lovely desert life for those who love the sun, enjoy nostalgic architecture, and love to feel like they are in the wild wild west. Specifically speaking, Phoenix and all of the other major cities are thriving with incredible things to do. I know, when you think of Arizona, it might not seem so appealing at first, but there is a reason so many people are flocking their way over to this incredible state. With all of these new visitors and movers, it might be interesting to find the hidden gems around the area. Sure, the mainstream things to do will keep you and your friends and family occupied, but seeking that hidden layer of Arizona is what it’s all about! Here are some of the best hidden gems hidden around Arizona.

Arizona Desert Mountain Jeep Tours

What better way to step into Arizona and get to know the place than to hop into a jeep and drive right into the desert. The Arizona Desert Mountain Jeep Tours are not your ordinary tour, either. This tour will give you a first hand experience as to how gorgeous and incredible the desert really can be. Once in the rugged, open aired jeep, you can sit in amazement as the dry air runs through your hair. What makes it a hidden gem though, is the southwestern cookout they offer. This is a barbeque made just for you and your friends deep within the Sonoran Desert. Afterwards, you can top it off with a gorgeous sunset tour. Keep in mind, these trips can last up to 3 hours. This can all be located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is where you can take your friends and family to cool off. Interestingly enough, the Desert Botanical Gardens is about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the city of Phoenix. This is thanks to strategically placed water features that act as a coolant for the area. While you are cooling down, you can walk around and really see what makes the desert life so beautiful and outrageous. This is definitely a good spot if you are aiming to convince friends or family to move out to Phoenix, Arizona.

Saguaro Lake

There’s nothing quite like some refreshing water to swim in on a hot summer day in Arizona. The Saguaro Lake is the perfect spot to take a dip. This can also be a great spot to take your friends fishing. No matter, you will find bliss and peace here. You can also find yourself ramping things up with a live cruise and music. Take a nice sunset cruise that will take you through the lake and some forests, too – all while being serenaded by some amazing local music. Nothing quite beats the view when the sun starts to fall, and the sky starts to glow orange and purple. Major win.

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course

Do you like speed? Do you also like flying through the air and getting your adrenaline pumping? Then this place might just be the spot for you. The ziplining course offers more than 30 exhilarating and adventurous ziplines that will help you satisfy your adrenaline cravings. Just to give you and idea, you could find yourself suspended from just 15 feet to 80 feet high in the air! You will also be monkeying around by climbing ladders and bridges that will test your strength and balance. Just know that this is not considered an ‘easy’ zip line experience. Be sure to check out local deals online for group discounts for your family or friends to sling along. You will be trained briefly beforehand, and will not have to worry about going off course due to it being self guided.

Dick’s Hideaway

Funny enough, this is a delicious restaurant that is tucked away and hidden to even the locals. It has no sign and tries to go full incognito by hiding right next to a hardware store. Dick’s Hideaway has delicious menu choices for each breakfast, lunch and dinner. They try to aim for a more casual, rustic, and upscale feel in the restaurant itself, so you can pretty much wear whatever makes you comfortable to the place. They have a New Mexican style cuisine that will sit in your taste buds until the next time you come back. They also have burgers, salads, steaks, and fresh fish. It is truly one of Phoenix, Arizona’s hidden gems. 

It boils down to exploration in Arizona. If you have that drive to seek more and find the hidden gems, you will find many and have a great time doing so. From amazing eateries, to great hikes, to romantic getaways. You never know what Arizona can bring to you on any given day. If you truly want to dive deeper into Arizona’s secrets, try asking the locals. They will tell you about the real go-to spots that will make Arizona be the number 1 spot to be! Just make sure to pack your sunscreen, and some nice, cold water. You’re going to need it once the heat kicks up. Do not worry though, the adventures will all be worth it!

By: Jeremy Alderman, ZOG Digital

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