How to Clean Your Home in 5 Days

Every day we are getting closer and closer to Christmas and many of us plan to host a holiday gathering. While this should be a pleasant time to spend with family or friends, it also can lead to slight panic attacks especially when gifts aren’t bought yet and the house could need a makeover. Event though now is not the time for the “remodel you were planning to do beginning of the year”, giving the house a little pampering by decluttering and cleaning it goes a long way.

Follow the plan below which provides you with a clear schedule when to tackle which room and tasks that you can attack in 5 days prior to the festive event to make your house shine:

Plan Before You Clean

Before you even start cleaning anything you need to have a plan and a date! Pick a date for the event, put it in your calendar and notify the guests in advance. Once you have a plan you know when to start the cleaning process, because cleaning is like the San Francisco bridge: once you are finished with painting the whole bridge, you have to start all over again. So don’t start cleaning too early (unless you love doing it all over again, then feel free to do so!).

Stock up on supplies: for the before and after cleaning, the actual party and possible overnight guests: garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, basic toiletries.

Don’t forget to ask for help before or during the event: this could be your partner, kids or a good friend. They can help organize, clean, greet the guests, create a playlist with some good tunes or make sure that everyone always has something to drink. Depending on the size of the event you might consider hiring a bartender for the party.

Let the countdown to a clean home begin!

Clean 5 Areas in 5 Days

There’s no sense in start cleaning too early. Wait until the actual week of the event, assign tasks to family members and get going with day one:

Day 1: Start with the porch, foyer, entryway and central closets.

  1. Organize clutter and clean up. Keep entry points of your home clear and easy to navigate for guests if they need storage.

  2. Wipe down the door, windows, light fixtures and doorknobs.

  3. Vacuum or sweep, mop if needed.

Day 2: Next clean up bedrooms, hallways and staircases.

  1. Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, vents and all the spots that usually get ignored.

  2. Wipe down doorways and furniture

  3. Vacuum the floor (always vacuum after dusting)

  4. Lay out fresh linens and towels in the guest room.

Day 3: It’s time to clean the bathrooms guests will be using.

  1. Pull out all the towels and mats, run a load of laundry.

  2. Dust the light fixtures and vents.

  3. Clean the toilet, tub, shower and other hard bathroom surfaces.

  4. Wipe down doorways and cabinets.

  5. Clean the mirror.

  6. Vacuum or mop.

  7. Return freshly laundered towels and mats.

Day 4: Turn your attention to the living room and dining room.

  1. Declutter the space so that there’s plenty of room for guests

  2. Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures and vents.

  3. Wipe down doorways, the mantel, furniture, and cabinet exteriors.

  4. Vacuum the floor, furniture, and under the furniture.

Day 5: On the last day it’s time to focus on the kitchen.

  1. Dust the ceiling fan, light fixtures and vents.

  2. Clean stove, fridge and microwave.

  3. Wipe down the countertop, sink and cabinets.

  4. Clean the garbage can.

  5. Vacuum and/or mop the floor.

DONE! Congratulations! You finished all the prep-work, now it’s time to host your family and friends and remember: not every gathering goes perfectly. As long as your guests feel welcomed, your party will be great!

By: Patricia Madigan

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