Create a Home Oasis with the APS Shade Tree Program

Did you know that if you are an APS customer, they will give you a minimum of two shade trees at no cost to you?  Planting shade trees in your yard can save you up to $50 per year on your energy bill by blocking the sun’s rays and reducing your cooling needs. The APS Shade Tree program provides free shade tree workshops and free trees to help you maximize your energy savings.

APS is committed to providing customer programs that promote energy efficiency. Well placed shade trees can reduce your cooling needs by up to 10% by blocking the sun’s rays. In fact, shaded walls can be 9° to 36° cooler at peak times. In addition to energy savings, shade trees also add value to your property, produce oxygen to help clean the air, capture rainwater, provide a wildlife habitat and reduce storm water runoff.

This is just one of many Green Choice programs that APS offers designed to reduce your energy costs and environmental impact.  For more information, visit their site HERE.