Top 5 Energy Efficiency Tips

Top 5 Energy Efficiency Tips

Whether you live in Arizona or Wisconsin, energy costs always play an important point in the household budget. Small changes can make a big difference in keeping your energy usage low. Here are the top 5 energy saving tips:

  1. Cooling

Did you know that raising your thermostat by just 1 degree saves you 2-3% on energy cooling costs? Here are some easy steps to keep your house cooler: use the ceiling fans when entering a room and turn up the thermostat a few degrees. Make sure there’s no air leak through exterior walls or ceilings and tightly seal around windows, doorframes and sill plates if necessary. An easy way to save money is to shift your energy use to lower cost off-peak hours and to avoid running major appliances at the same time during the on-peak hours. Have your air conditioner serviced yearly and and change out air filters monthly.

  1. Heating

Even though Arizona winters are relatively mild, you still might want to do the following things in order to conserve energy: open your blinds during the day to let in the sun and then close them at night to hold in the heat and use an extra blanket to keep you warm while you’re sleeping. Cooking in the winter provides heat, but don’t use the oven as the main heat source and turn off the exhaust fans when finished with cooking. A simple trick is also to switch ceiling fans running counterclockwise in the winter months so that warm air circulates down.

  1. Water Heating

Key point here is: hot water uses a lot of energy. So whenever hot water isn’t really necessary, use cold water – this goes for rinsing dishes as well as clothes. Adjust the load setting on your washing machine for smaller loads to save water if possible. Using a low-flow showerhead can make a big difference in a family of four as well as not letting water run when you are shaving or washing dishes.

  1. Pool and Spa

If you live in Arizona chances are high you have pool. Did you know that your pool might be one of your largest consumers of electricity? If you have a heated pool, turn off the heater when you know you won’t use your pool for an extended period and look into using a pool cover in order to prevent water from evaporating. Variable-speed pool pumps not only run cooler and last longer, but they are also quieter than standard pumps. Lots of energy also gets wasted with spas. If possible lower the water temperature and cover your spa when not in use.

  1. Lighting

An easy way to reduce your electricity bills is to use energy-efficient lighting. Turn off your lights when leaving the room and switch to LEDs or use timers that automatically switch lights on or off for you. LEDs not only last at least 15 times longer than traditional light bulbs, but also emit 90% less heat.

by: Patricia Madigan




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