Top Five Upcoming Fall Activities around Arizona

For many people, autumn is the best season of the year. With cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves and plenty of occasions to celebrate, fall is one of the best times to get out and spend time with both family and friends. 

In a place such as Arizona, fall is especially enjoyable. Both residents and visitors alike are offered a reprieve from the long hot days and are afforded the chance to get outside without feeling the intense heat of the desert sun. The state has a plethora of activities to choose from, ranging from adventurous trips to the mountains or desert, golfing at one of the state’s many courses, or enjoying a collegiate or professional sporting event. If you are looking for something to do, check out these suggested top five upcoming fall activities around the state.

Fall is Football Season!

As the home of a number of collegiate teams and the National Football League’s Arizona Cardinals, Arizona offers football fans plenty of opportunities to spend an afternoon cheering on your favorite teams and players. Both the University of Arizona and Arizona State University field very competitive teams within the Pac-12 conference and are sure to put on a show. If the pros are more your style, the Cardinal’s University of Phoenix Stadium is an excellent sporting venue to visit. With plenty of choices of food and drink and some of the most affordable ticket prices in the NFL, a Cardinals game is a great fall activity.

Leave town and watch the leaves change!

Flagstaff, Arizona is located at just under 7,000 feet at the base of the San Francisco Peaks and is a great place to view one of the best parts of fall. The changing leaves on the numerous Aspen trees are a sight to see and very worth the easy drive from the Phoenix metro area. While in Flagstaff, Snowbowl Resort offers recreation opportunities such as sight seeing, hiking, and biking. Flagstaff is the perfect weekend trip for those looking for fun and adventure.

Release stress and relax in Sedona

Tucked away in a desert canyon is the city of Sedona, which offers visitors a true southwestern experience. Sedona is home to some of the best mountain biking in the nation, so renting a bike from a local shop and experiencing the area via bike is well worth it.  

Sedona is known for its spiritual and wellness offerings as well. The city is home to a number of resorts and retreats that are designed to keep you healthy both mentally and physically. Sedona is a great destination for a stress free and relaxing weekend. According to many locals, a visit to one of the nearby “energy vortexes” will leave you feeling inspired, recharged or uplifted.

Get scared!

Halloween, one of the best holidays of the year in the eyes of people everywhere, can be celebrated throughout the fall season with a visit to one of the many ghost towns in the state of Arizona. Located throughout the state, many of the towns were founded during the mining booms of the late 1800s and early 1900s, but are now shells of their former selves. Though some, such as Clifton, Arizona, are still home to thousands of residents, others are far less inhabited. The town of Oatman, Arizona is known for its four-legged inhabitants more so than the people that remain. Burros that were abandoned following the mining crash and ensuing desertion of the region have since taken over the town and outnumber it’s human residents!

Autumn is Pumpkin season!

Pumpkins are a crucial part of any fall experience. The large, orange vegetables are used in food, drinks and celebrations throughout the season and can offer a variety of associated activities. A visit to your local pumpkin patch is a great way to spend an afternoon. Enjoying a wagon ride, trying your hand at a corn maze, then heading home to carve jack-o-lanterns with friends and family is a classic fall tradition for many. Be sure to scope out discounted tickets online to bring the kids and their friends.

For those who are of age, a brewery tour followed by a pumpkin flavored beer tasting is a great way to get out and enjoy the season. That Brewery, with locations in both Pine and Cottonwood, Arizona, features their Skellington Pumpkin Ale, which is a local favorite! 

Fall is a wonderful time of year and should be fully taken advantage of. Cooler temperatures allow plenty of chances to get outside and enjoy a variety of activities throughout the state. Arizona has a wide variety of things to do, especially during autumn. The activities mentioned throughout this article are a great starting point to help you plan the perfect fall weekend. Whether you are hoping to get out and enjoy a relaxing weekend in the high desert or cheering on your favorite team, Arizona has plenty of upcoming activities to choose from!


By: Jeremy Alderman, ZOG Digital



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